Printed Books

  • ASLEEP IN THE DEEP, is a story about evolution and the emergence of flowering plants upon the earth. The book reflects Owen?s interest in using events in the natural world as metaphors for the human experience. The images are relief etchings printed on Arches cover, with hand applied color. There are 23 images, 10 3/4 inches, a title page, introduction page, frontispiece piece and colophon leaf. The book is contained in a clamshell box, with granite Elephant Hide cover paper. The cover also has inlaid paper decorations and is gold stamped. ASLEEP IN THE DEEP was printed in an edition of 40, and is signed by the artist.
  • Owen uses four graphite drawings and an oil painting, which she scanned and printed digitally to illustrate the text. The painting is printed in color, using an Epson 1280 printer. The text is set in Monotype Erhardt by Michael Bixler of Skaneatles, New York. The titling is Palatino italic. The decorative initials are Cloister, printed in terracotta. The type was printed letterpress by Art Larson at Horton Tank Graphics, Hadley Massachusetts.
  • This is a story about creative obsession, faith and the eventual lack of control an artist has over his or her creations. Gabriel's family tells of a stone cutter who created marvelous creatures in stone. These figures are filled with beauty and horror, but he comes to see them as part of his family, indeed, as a completion of himself. His close identity with them is threatened when his isolation is invaded. On this predicament the story turns.
  • A contemporary interpretation of the St. Francis legend, the book has a narrative text and poem. Printed in brown and red, with nine photo-etchings, measuring 9 inches by 8 1/2 inches with 20 pages. Press work by Art Larson of Horton Tank Graphics. Hadley, MA. Bound by the artist in red silk blend with printed label. Printed in an edition of 30, signed by the artist.
  • In a combination of woods and lino cuts, the artist tells the tale of a woman and a wolf that could be read as re-0telling of Little Red Riding Hood. Printed in two colors in the traditional Japanese method, the pages are held in a silk covered chemise. The book measures 8 inches by 8 inches. Printed in an edition of 50, signed by the artist.
  • In this title Owen has developed an astronomical calendar for the last year of the last millennium, 1999. Using small star maps, and text that describes specific astrological events she records each month of the year. Overlaying these pages are quotes from scholars, poets and scripture that reflect the spiritual awe that study of the heavens can inspire. On each page following she uses hand marbled black paper as a backdrop for stenciled images of the month's prominent constellations.
  • Pentimento

    Pentimento is the first title by Turtle Island Press that uses exclusively electronic imaging. The book is a short collection of poems written by Owen in memory of her mother.
  • A contemporary treatment of an old book form, exploring the use of animals as symbols of good and evil. Text is printed letterpress and is used as wrappers for fourteen hand colored etchings which are held in a folded paper slipcase. A hand colored etching is mounted on the cover. The book measures 10 1/4 inches by 7 inches. Edition of 26, signed by the artist.
  • This retelling of the Annunciation story was inspired by the painting of the same name by Fra Angelico at the Monastery of San Marco in Florence. In Fra Angelico's image the Virgin and the angel make eye contact. Mary looks alarmed and frightened, not demure or compliant as this scene is often depicted. The Seduction of Marian tells of what may have lead up to that moment, as it would have been experienced by a thirteen girl.
  • Waterline

    A visual and poetic statement about the place where water meets land. The book has 18 relief and three intaglio etchings with hand coloring, and measures 8 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches. Enclosed in a clam shell box with marbled leather hinge and stamped cover. Edition of 40 signed by artist.


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